June 16, 2016


Can I just watch a kendo class?

Yes, all are welcome to come watch class. All we ask is that you watch quietly. Sensei is always available for questions before and after the class session.


Can I participate?

We encourage trying the class more so than watching. Kendo is taught at all levels and a shinai (bamboo sword) will be available for use.


What should I wear?

Anything comfortable that you typically workout in. You will be asked to be barefoot to participate. If you have a gi, that can be worn as well. 


What should I know before I participate?

When training, you must always bow in and bow out of the dojo (or training floor). You may also be asked to sign a liability waiver.


Can I take pictures or video?

Typically this is not admitted but permission is at the discretion of the Sensei.


Are there any rules I should know?

Follow and respect the instructions of the Sensei and ask many questions (at the appropriate times).


I have more questions!

Please feel free to drop by during a scheduled class time if you’d like more information.