Individual Therapy

As a licensed MFT in private practice for 30 years, Leila has developed successful methods for helping men and women in painful, frustrating and unfulfilling relationships. She focuses on getting them to stop the behavior that keeps them stuck in emotionally exhausting circles of belief and always seeking love from a partner who is damaged and unwilling to change.

Leila uses Family Systems theory to help the client become aware of how their adult behavior is a result of a lack of a solid, healthy, nurtured and independent identity. It is an exciting journey for both therapist and client as the client peels back the layers of pain and finally discovers the True Self, filled with light.

“When I met Leila, I was in my second, long-term, volatile, toxic relationship. Leila helped me learn to prioritize my own needs and establish healthy boundaries in all of my relationships: family, friends, work and love. Today, I’m very happily married and have a wonderful daughter, and I’m certain this would not be the case had Leila not come into my life.”
– Garrett, Los Angeles

Leila also works with individuals who are nearing or reached retirement to aid them in their transition from the work force to  new adventures in life. This change can be most exciting and fulfilling if one is willing to embrace change. There is travel, new hobbies, classes which one never had a chance to take because of work and family responsibilities. There is a whole new world to explore and finally the time to do so. Talk to Leila by calling (310) 415-7883.